30 March 2012

MELBOURNE, FL | March 27, 2012— With skin cancer being the fastest growing form of cancer in the United States, carefree and indifferent high school students are particularly vulnerable to the dangers of the sun.

Sunbrushed is based in Melbourne, Florida and manufactures a safe, natural, sunless tanner.    Sunbrushed promotes safe tanning with their sunless tanner which is why their newly formed partnership with the World Skin Cancer Foundation is such a great fit.  Sunbrushed just partnered with the World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF) to teach teens and families how to protect their skin from cancer.

Sunbrushed will donte a portion of their proceeds to the World Skin Cancer Foundation in addition to donating their SPF 50 sunscreen lotions and sunless tanners to help support WSCF educational efforts.  Sunbrushed principals Brian Lowe and Britt Allen are big advocators of skin cancer prevention at sporting events, special programs, and via the Internet.

World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF) President, Dr. Jeannine M. Stein, said she uses Sunbrushed sunscreen for her own family. “Sunscreen protects skin from damaging rays of the sun. Because the Sunbrushed product is particularly thick and viscous, it stays on better in the water, and provides lasting protection. This is especially important for children who have tender skin and spend hours at the beach and in the sun.”

“With sunless tanning as a safe and easy alternative to hours in the sun, Sunbrushed self-tanner is popular with models, beauty contestants and people who want to look fit. The Washington Redskin Cheerleaders and Miss Maryland have been wonderful spokespeople for us,” said Ms. Allen. “But, it’s really great to know we are supporting a product that helps save lives.” When it comes to educating people about the relationship between sun tanning and skin cancer, we can’t repeat ourselves often enough,” added Dr. Stein. “Prevention saves lives improves quality of life, and reduces healthcare costs.”


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