About Us

The World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF) is a not-for-profit group that was founded in 2005 in Cocoa Beach, Florida to educate the public regarding the cause of the majority of skin cancer cases: unprotected sun exposure.

The proven cause of more than 90% of skin cancers is unprotected exposure to UV light from the sun and artificial sources.

Skin Cancer is the most commonly diagnosed form of human cancer and has reached epidemic proportions in the United States and around the world.

Although the issue of sun protection has been cited as an important priority by major health organizations, insufficient attention is given to the subject in public health education. The World Skin Cancer Foundation is doing its part to help spread the word that anyone can enjoy a fun and sun-safe lifestyle.

The WSCF promotes and builds awareness for active skin cancer prevention through many local and national outdoor recreational and sporting events. To most effectively reduce long-term sun damage to the skin while enjoying these outdoor pursuits, healthy habits of sun protection need to be established at a young age and continued throughout life. The WSCF primarily targets individuals with active outdoor lifestyles, children and the greater population in total.

Affiliated events include sponsored sporting activities, such as surf contests, soccer games, skateboard exhibitions and charity softball games, many offering free skin cancer screenings as a public service and primary function of the WSCF. Additional activities include educational programs and school curriculums in an effort to inform youth about sun damage and change our culture’s views of sun exposure and tanning.

Simply stated, anyone can enjoy fun-in-the-sun outdoor activities if you take the time to prepare and follow the proper precautions. The World Skin Cancer Foundation is committed to spreading this message and educating the public on the causes and prevention of skin cancer, from Cocoa Beach to California, the United States in total, and communities around the World.