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Sunday proved to be the saving grace for this event with perfect weather,
unprecedented waves, and a large happy crowd.

 The 7th Annual Slater Brothers Invitational to benefit the World Skin Cancer Foundation was scheduled to begin on Friday, October 26 and continue through the weekend with surfing and skateboarding competitions.  Unfortunately, Super Storm Sandy dampened the event’s schedule and forced event organizers to cancel all festivities on Friday and Saturday with wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour, pelting rain, and out-of-control waves that weren’t suitable for any outdoor competitions.

With a positive weather outlook on Sunday, the event location in front of Coconuts on the Beach was a bevy of activity before sunrise to get this event setup and ready for surfers, skateboarders and spectators alike.  For the surfers and spectators, the waves were the best they’d ever seen in any Slater Brothers Invitational with some solid clean double overhead sets throughout the day.

“We were disappointed the weather didn’t cooperate with us the first couple of days, but Sunday couldn’t have been a more perfect day and it certainly made-up for the rest of the washed-out days we had to cancel.  The kick-off party on Thursday night and Pepper concert on Friday night were also both successful in helping us raise money for the Foundation.  It’s also nice having my brothers together all in one place and spending time with them and friends I don’t get to see often.  It’s always a good time,” commented the event’s founder, Sean Slater.

Crowds came out in droves to watch world-class surfers such as CJ Hobgood and Tony Silvagni surf huge waves and skateboarders skate the mini-skate ramp.  One of the biggest draws is the free skin cancer screenings provided by certified dermatologists.

This event benefits the World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF) and this year, over $50,000 was raised to help provide skin cancer awareness education and free skin cancer screenings through the WSCF.  This year, 198 screenings were conducted in one day which was a record number from all previous six years of this event.  Four malignant melanomas, 15 basal cell carcinomas, and 18 squamous cell carcinomas were diagnosed within the five hour period of free screenings.  “It was an exhausting task to provide these thorough screenings, but we wanted to make-up for lost time.  We were suppose to do the screenings on Saturday as well from noon to three, but the weather wasn’t cooperative.  Instead, we extended our hours on Sunday from 11 to four and we are happy so many people took advantage of it,” stated Dr. Stein, President of the World Skin Cancer Foundation.

Skin Cancer Screening Results


World Skin Cancer Foundation screened a 198 people with the follow results:
Actinic Keratosis (single or field): 53
Dysplastic Nevus: 34
Malignant Melanoma: 4
Basal Cell Carcinoma: 15
Squamous Cell Carcinoma: 18
Other Suspicious Lesion: 1



1st – Justin Quintal

2nd – Tony Silvagni

3rd – Patrick Nichols

4th – Corey Williams



1st – CJ Hobgood

2nd – Brian Hewitson

3rd – Chris Duff

4th – Blake Jones




The Surf/Skate Scramble is a crossover event that we introduced in 2011.  The competitors skate and surf against each other. Points are earned for each surf and skate contest to decide the overall champion.


1st – Bob Umbel

2nd – Bobo Cogswell

3rd – Mike Duffield

4th – Mike Rogers

5th – Lonny Reiter

6th – Alex Burnett

7th – PJ Byrtus

8th – Leah Taylor

9th – Noah Dovin

10th – Scooter Newell

11th – Ryan Gilbert

12th – Nick Papetti



The competition was held on a mini half pipe right on the beach. Skaters competed for prizes and awards invarious divisions.


1st – Noah Dovin

2nd – Josh Forsberg

3rd – Adam Tyler

4th – Elijah Allred

5th – Mike Post

6th – Johnny Reidy

7th – Cash Waters


AGES 13-15

1st – Chris Kozma

2nd – Ryan Gilbert


AGES 16 & UP

1st – Stone Denning

2nd – Max Pacensa



1st – Chyanne Reese

2nd – Grace Marhoefer

3rd – Megan Guy

4th – Emily Headson



1st – Mike Rogers

2nd – Dave Headson

3rd – Brian Bachelor



1st – Clint Beswick

2nd – Sam Rooks

3rd – Brian “Yoda” Upapong

4th – Dakota Hunt

5th – Mat Call


Date:  Thursday, June 28, 2012
Time: 9AM-Evening
Location: Cocoa Beach Pier
It was a fun-filled beautiful day at the AAU Beach Volleyball Tournament. We want to thank Sunbrushed Sunless Tanning for partnering with the World Skin Cancer Foundation to make this such a successful event for us and our participation.17
At the event, the World Skin Cancer Foundation conducted a total of 17 skin cancer screenings in two hours.  The following stats were diagnosed during this screening:
Total Hours of Screening: 2
Number of Screenings: 17
Basal Cell Carcinomas: 3
Squamous Cell Carcinomas: 2
Actinic Keratosis (single or field): 3
Dysplastic Nevus: 6

Physician: Jeannine Stein, MD Support Staff:


We were proud supporters of the Free Food Revolution Day that took place in Rockledge, Florida on May 19.

There were be cooking demonstrations, nutrition speakers, food samples, fitness fun, farmers market, scavenger hunt, and a tour of The FARM at Rockledge Gardens.

Check out their Facebook:

World Skin Cancer Foundation Supports MIMA Skin Cancer Expo

The MIMA Skin Cancer Expo took place on May 19th , 2012 from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. in Melbourne, FL.  The World Skin Cancer Foundation attended the event in support of the MIMA.


Richmond Kickers Family Night, August 11, 2012

More details on the event coming soon!

WSCF Provides Skin Cancer Screenings at MIMA Foundation Pro Circuit Tennis Tournament

The WSCF provided skin cancer screenings at the MIMA Foundation pro-circuit tennis tournament at the Kiwi Tennis Club, Indian Harbour Beach. The annual event featured professional women’s tennis.  The week-long event offered both singles and doubles matches. All proceeds benefited the MIMA Foundation.

WSCF Presents Olivia Carter as Breakfast of Champions Girls Swimming Champion

The 3rd Annual Breakfast of Champions held the morning of Friday, May 11, 2012 in Cocoa Beach.

Twenty-eight Brevard County athletes, coaches, and administrators were honored at the Cocoa Beach Country Club as part of the 3rd annual Bright House Sports Network “Breakfast of Champions” series on Friday.

The World Skin Cancer Foundation had the honor of presenting the Breakfast of Champions Girls Swimming award to Olivia Carter of Astronaut High School in Titusville, Florida.

The event was hosted by Florida Today, Space Coast Sports Promotions, and Brevard County Public Schools.

The breakfast was the the first in a series of six events sponsored by Bright House Sports Network

The next B.O.C. event will take place at LPGA International in Daytona Beach on Thursday, May17th as BHSN honors athletes in Volusia County.

Former Cocoa Beach Resident and Melanoma Survivor Mikki Kragelund Cycling Across New Zealand in Support of the World Skin Cancer Foundation

COCOA BEACH, Fla. (January 12, 2011) – Former Cocoa Beach resident and melanoma survivor Mikki Kragelund, and her friend Nina Oosterveer, started a journey of a lifetime on January 12th – one that could literally be a life-saving exercise for so many others – with a two-month cycling trip across New Zealand to raise awareness for skin cancer prevention and funding for the World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF).

Sunny Cyclers

Former Cocoa Beach resident and melanoma survivor Mikki Kragelund, and her friend Nina Oosterveer, have started a two-month cycling trip across New Zealand to raise awareness for skin cancer prevention and funding for the World Skin Cancer Foundation (WSCF).

The impressive trek appropriately began on Kragelund’s 26th birthday and roughly one year after her final treatment for melanoma, which is the deadliest of all skin cancers. The duo, which has taken on the name of “Sunny Cyclers,” started the ride in Cape Reinga, at the tip of New Zealand’s North Island, and plan to finish on March 12th in Bluff, the southernmost point of New Zealand’s South Island.  Supporters can follow the ride’s progress and make donations at or directly contribute to the fundraising campaign by following this donation link.

While the more than 2,400-kilometer adventure will take every bit of the two months to complete, the journey itself represents so much more to Kragelund.  She was born in Denmark and currently lives in Queenstown in New Zealand, but Kragelund considers Cocoa Beach home.  Her family moved to Florida when she was a young child and she grew up in Cocoa Beach, enjoying the ample outdoor activities for which the Central Florida seaside town is famous.

From the time she was young, Kragelund recalls her parents emphasizing the importance of travel, staying active and appreciating the outdoors.  Spending time sailing, scuba diving, boating and surfing with family and friends was the norm throughout her childhood and it was, ironically, her close bond with her family that played a role in diagnosing her skin cancer.

Kragelund’s uncle is Southern California based dermatologist Dr. Bill Heimer who repeatedly urged his niece to get a skin check-up during family visits. When she didn’t, Dr. Heimer scheduled an appointment on his own for Kragelund and the end result was a diagnosis for stage-3 melanoma.

Kragelund was 24, just shy of graduating from college and ready to start the next chapter of her life.  Instead, she tackled her melanoma head on and, after numerous visits to the doctor, 14 different biopsies and one major surgery, Kragelund graduated, was free of cancer and is now a vigorous advocate for the awareness and prevention of all types of skin cancer.

She met Oosterveer, 24 and a native of Holland, soon after moving to New Zealand.  The two women have lived in Queenstown since April and got to know each other working at the same restaurant.  Their mutual love of the outdoors created a quick friendship and they soon came up with the idea of a journey to draw attention to the global skin cancer epidemic.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in New Zealand and the fastest growing type of cancer in the United States.  Kragelund was familiar with the World Skin Cancer Foundation, which is headquartered in Cocoa Beach, and the Sunny Cyclers mission was born.

If Kragelund’s melanoma had remained undetected for a few more months, her chance of survival would have fallen to less than 10 percent.  She and Oosterveer hope that spreading the word about Kragelund’s story will encourage others to get regular skin check-ups while still enjoying sun-safe outdoor activities.  For the next two months, two dedicated and selfless “Sunny Cyclers” will be doing just that in New Zealand while supporting a truly worthy cause.

About the World Skin Cancer Foundation
The World Skin Cancer Foundation is a not for profit group which was founded in Cocoa Beach, Florida, to educate the public regarding the detrimental effects of unprotected sun exposure. Outdoor activities are increasingly popular and contribute to healthy lifestyles and the prevention of disease. To most effectively reduce long-term sun damage to the skin while enjoying these pursuits, healthy habits of sun protection need to be established at a young age and continued throughout life.

The WSCF is dedicated to promoting skin cancer awareness while encouraging everyone to enjoy a sun-safe outdoor lifestyle. Over one million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed every year and over 10,000 people die from skin cancer annually.  The organization emphasizes SAFER sun enjoyment and tools to allow beneficial outdoor activities in moderation with sun protection. Through sponsored sporting activities such as surf contests and skateboard exhibitions, softball games and cycling and running events, sun protective practices will be demonstrated and emphasized.  Free skin cancer screenings are offered as a public service and to provide those without access to medical care an opportunity to be examined and educated. Finally, through promoting the incorporation of UV awareness education into school curriculums and programs, an effort will be made to inform the youth about sun damage and change cultural views of sun exposure and tanning.

Contact: Adam Saal, World Skin Cancer Foundation: 321-890-2848 –

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